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JetBrains Academy: New Projects and Educational Topics

After working on content for JetBrains Academy throughout October and November, we’re finally ready to share new projects and educational topics with you! We hope you’ll enjoy the updates as much as we enjoyed creating them.

Keep in mind that the beta projects are in the early stages of testing. We appreciate your feedback, because it helps us improve and release these projects publicly sooner. Moreover, 110+ fully-tested projects have already been publicly released and are ready for you to dive in!

Java Developer

New projects: Code Sharing Platform, Guess the Animal (Beta).
Updated project: PageRank (Beta).
New topics: Interface default methods, JDBC Transactions, Enums, Fields and methods in enum, Inner classes, Lambda expressions.

Python Developer

New projects: Text Generator (Beta), HyperTube, Easy Riders Bus Company (Beta).
Updated project: PageRank (Beta).
New topics: Classification performance metrics, Naive Bayes classifier, Overview of SpaCy, Introduction to Stanza, Shelve, Word2Vec, Operations with dictionary, OS module, Introduction to regression, Introduction to clustering, Decision Trees, Argparse module.

Kotlin Developer

New project: Meal Planner (Beta).
New topics: Equality, Reading data with readLine, Set, API Levels, Running your app, Call stack, Errors in programs, String arrays, Values.

Web Developer

New project: Portfolio (Beta).
New topics: Line-height, Merging cells, Z-index, Opacity, Position, Text Alignment, Code style, Background, List style, The i tag, ClassList.

Dev Tools

New topics: Git branches, Git internal structure, Git rebase, Gitflow, Gitflow auxiliary branches, Searching with Git.


New topics: Geometric interpretation of linear systems, Permutations, Interpolation, Derivatives of polynomials, Standard deviation, Probability and statistics, One-sided limits and the non-existence of a limit, Operations with limits.

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