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JetBrains Academy: New Projects and Topics in July

We are always working on new learning content so even the most active learners and experienced programmers can continue to hone their existing skills. Before you head off to enjoy the updates, we wanted to share a recent development with you. As of now, our free and Beta tracks are separated into two different categories. If you’d like to see which tracks are available without an active trial or a subscription, look for the tracks marked with the Free badge on the Tracks page. Beta tracks are marked with the Beta badge. 

For example, the Frontend Developer track is Beta and Free, so you can create websites and web applications using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS at no cost! However, as with the other tracks, projects, and topics marked as Beta, keep in mind that it is still under construction. We’d appreciate your feedback on all of the Beta tracks, as this will help us improve and publicly release them sooner.


Project released from Beta: Cinema Room REST Service
New project: Learning Progress Tracker (Beta)
New topics:


New topics:  Preconditions and postconditions, Regexp flags in Python, Regexp functions in Python, Parallel iteration


Project released from Beta: Basic Calculator
New project: Zookeeper (Beta)
New topics: Asynchronous programming techniques & problems, Image colors, Quantifiers, Sets, ranges, and alternations, Shorthands, Bitwise and bit-shift operations

Kotlin: Android

New project: Cinema Room Manager (Alpha)
New topics: Room, SQLite


New project: Hypergram (Alpha)
New topics: Pseudo-elements, Overview of the basic program (React)


New project: Obscene Vocabulary Checker (Beta)
New topics: Input / Output and Variables and constants


New topics: 

Keep learning,
Your JetBrains Academy team

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