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Learn Spring Security for Backend Development

Cybersecurity has become a hot topic in the past several years. With so much information being available online these days, it is crucial to keep it safe. The growing importance of information security requires adequate technologies that can prevent malicious attacks on sensitive data. One such technology is Spring Security – a powerful and highly customizable authentication and access-control Java framework. It provides authentication, authorization, and other security features for web applications.

To help you learn about up-to-date information security standards and their implementation, we are happy to introduce our new track on JetBrains Academy – Spring Security for Java Backend Developers!

Learn Spring Security

What you’ll learn

This track is perfect for learners who already have some experience with Java and know the basics of Spring. If you’re interested in starting your career as a backend developer, it will be right up your alley. During this track, you will:

✅ Improve your knowledge of modern database technology.
✅ Learn to apply authentication, authorization, and other Spring Security technologies.
✅ Get acquainted with various development tools used for providing information security.
✅ Acquire essential backend developer skills.

Projects you’ll build

The track features more than 200 educational topics and 13 real-world projects to teach you all you need to know about Spring Security. Let’s take a look at a few of the projects:

Create a multi-user web service with Spring Boot that allows storing, retrieving, updating, and deleting recipes. You will delve into the backend development and use Spring Boot to complete this project. You will also learn about JSON, REST API, Spring Boot Security, H2 database, LocalDateTime, Project Lombok, and other concepts useful for backend development.

This project will guide you through implementing the service backend with Spring Boot. You will get acquainted with the authentication and authorization with OAuth, learn about access tokens (JWT), and create a backend for the online darts service.

Account Service
Get to know the fundamentals of fraud detection and rule-based systems while developing a RESTful web service using Spring Boot. Define the role model, work on the business logic, and ensure the security of your service.

If you’d like to refresh your knowledge of Java, take a look at Java for Beginners, which is a great place to start. To improve your existing skills, check out Java Developer and Java Backend Developer.

We hope you’ll enjoy studying Spring Security with us. If you have any questions or would like to share your feedback, feel free to leave a comment below or contact us at

Enjoy learning!
Your JetBrains Academy team

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