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Master Git and GitHub in 5 Hours

Are your Git skills rusty? Nonexistent? Is your project folder full of files named “Draft-old”,“Draft2”, “Draft2-New”, “FinalDraft”, “FinalDraft (1)”, and “REALFinalDraft”? Would you like to learn how to write better commit messages than “changed some stuff”?

If so, we at JetBrains Academy are thrilled to announce that our Introduction to Git learning track is here on Hyperskill to help improve and solidify your understanding of this fundamental tool. 

Why learn Git?

Git unites developers, designers, managers, and QA engineers in industry, academic, and personal settings because of its broad utility. As a precise and flexible system to track and control the various versions of your code and documents, it is incredibly useful for collaborative projects being developed over time (so, most projects).

If two developers edit the same file at the same time, Git has systems in place to resolve conflicting edits easily. If important information has been lost or overwritten, Git makes it easy to recover without the need to go digging through your recycle bin. The bigger the project, the more version control systems prove essential to the workflow (and sanity) of developers. 

Track contents

For beginners, understanding the commands and the order and circumstances in which to use them is a challenge which can only be overcome through practice. Even if you already know the basics, this track can help you build your expertise in applying Git to a broad range of problems.

By the end of the track, you’ll know how to:

  • Use Git and GitHub
  • Install and set up a Git client
  • Use common Git commands
  • Work with local and remote repositories 
a gif showing the perspective of a user on hyperskill switching from a theory page on local repositories to the practice section and successfully completing an exercise
On Hyperskill you can complete practice problems to test your comprehension and drive the concepts home.

Project-based learning

To begin, choose at least one of our interactive projects:

  1. Easy: Gitman or Remo 

If you’re completely new, you can choose an easy project to get acquainted with important Git commands. Gitman introduces the basics in a straightforward way, and Remo takes a special look at remote repositories.

  1. Challenging: Dolly

If you’re looking for a challenge, you could start with Dolly, where you will learn how to clone your own local copy of a remote repository.

a user completing a task in the introduction to git learning track with the pycharm IDE
Learn Git and work on projects directly in a professional IDE.

Start now with JetBrains Academy on Hyperskill

By completing this track, you will not only gain skills in version control for your own use but also unlock the ability to contribute to and collaborate on millions of open-source projects using Git. 

You can start the track right now on Hyperskill with a free account and join hundreds of others in mastering the fundamentals of Git and version control. A premium subscription grants more assignment submissions per day and a certificate of completion but is not required to complete the course!

If you have any questions or would like to share your feedback, feel free to leave a comment below or contact us at academy@jetbrains.com.

Happy learning!

Your JetBrains Academy team

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