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JetBrains Academy: New Projects and Topics in December

Get ready for a jolly coding ride this December at JetBrains Academy! 

We’ve got three new projects and more than 80 topics coming your way. One great way to feel the festivities is to immerse yourself in our fun projects, like the X-mas Tree project, now released from Beta. You’ll be learning Python and spreading holiday cheer at the same time! 

Let’s look at the other updates in more detail.


🆕 SQL Project: Battleship Database (Beta). Easy.

Explore the SQL basics in this project by checking out historical battles and battleships from World War II. Use the battleship database to learn and practice, developing skills to plan future naval strategies. This learning journey aims to provide you with the necessary skills for effectively retrieving essential information in SQL.

🆕 Django Project: To-do List API (Beta). Challenging.

Ideal for those familiar with the Django basics, this project focuses on making APIs. With the TODO app project, you’ll build a cool app with features like adding, editing, and deleting tasks – right in your browser! Plus, it lets multiple users sign up, log in, and create to-do lists. 

Additionally, the House Classification project was released from Beta.

🆕 Topics: 


🆕 Project: Web Calendar (Beta). Hard

Simplify your busy life with our web calendar project! Use the Spring Boot framework to craft a REST API that stores and manages all of your upcoming events. The magic of Spring Boot makes it easy to kick-start your web application with minimal setup.

Furthermore, we’ve released the Real-time Chat and QRCode Service projects from Beta with improved features and functionality for learners.

🆕 Topics:


🆕 Topics: 


🆕 Topics: 


🆕 Topics: Atomics and Communicating with sockets


🆕 Topic: Stack or heap for OOP

System administration and DevOps

🆕 Topics: AWS IAM overview, AWS global infrastructure, and GitHub and token authentication, Service


🆕 Topics: Authentication and Risk Management & Attack Surface

Projects marked as Beta are still in the early stages of testing. If you’re interested in checking out Beta projects on the platform, make sure the Beta tester feature is enabled in your profile settings.

That’s it for this month! 

We hope that you find these updates valuable and that they will enhance your learning experience. As always, we welcome your feedback and suggestions. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at, or share your thoughts on X (formerly Twitter), Facebook or LinkedIn.

Happy learning!
Your JetBrains Academy team

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