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Learn IDE Code Refactoring in Kotlin for Enhanced Code Quality

Do you know what your code smells like?

If you aren’t sure, you would probably benefit from learning how to assess code smell with our new course, Introduction to IDE Code Refactoring in Kotlin. The course teaches you how to use your IDE to format and reshape your code to become more readable and less likely to break. It’s an excellent choice for beginner to intermediate programmers looking to write professional code.

Content overview

The course consists of eight sections where you can learn and apply different refactoring techniques. You’ll learn best practices for code style and formatting, how to identify and avoid common issues, and how to use your IDE more efficiently to enhance the quality of your code.

Some more topics you can look forward to learning about in the course:

  • Naming conventions and style rules
  • Root canal vs. floss refactoring
  • Automatic refactoring techniques for moving, extracting, and inlining code
  • Refactoring to design patterns

IDE learning

Many programming courses are IDE-agnostic, but if you want to learn effective refactoring techniques, this makes it difficult to showcase essential features and shortcuts specific to your IDE. With the JetBrains Academy plugin, your course is integrated into the same window as your IDE, making it easier to immediately apply the theory you learn.

Learn in Kotlin

The course uses the Kotlin Language, but if you don’t know it yet, don’t worry! The course is a great way to get introduced, and if you want a more comprehensive introduction to the language, you can check out our Kotlin Onboarding courses. A Java-specific version is also in the works and will be released soon.


For the added benefits of social learning, consider joining our dedicated Discord server! There, you can find accountability partners and get support from members of the JetBrains Academy team.

Free on JetBrains Marketplace

Access Introduction to IDE Code Refactoring in Kotlin today by following these steps:

  1. Download either IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition (completely free) or IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate (available with a 30-day free trial).
  2. Go to the Learn tab on the Welcome screen.
  3. Enable access under Learn to Program.

From there you’ll be able to find the course by locating it in the list of Marketplace courses.

If you have any questions or would like to share your feedback, feel free to leave a comment below or contact us at

Happy learning!

Your JetBrains Academy team

Meet the course authors

Zarina Kurbatova is a software developer at JetBrains Machine Learning Methods in the Software Engineering Lab. She has been conducting research in the refactoring field, developing tools, writing academic papers, and presenting results at software engineering conferences.

Anna Potriasaeva is a software developer at JetBrains Machine Learning Methods in the Software Engineering Lab. She specializes in developing tools for refactoring and education.

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