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Livestream: 10 Strategies for Launching Students Into the Software Industry

JetBrains Academy has started a series of livestreams crafted especially for teachers and educators.

Join us on Tuesday, April 23, at 4:00 pm UTC for the first livestream of the series with our Developer Advocate, Garth Gilmour. He’ll discuss how to ensure students are well-equipped for success in the real world of the tech industry.

There’ll be a Q&A session at the end, so don’t miss out, and come prepared with questions!

Why participate?

Learn from an industry expert

Garth Gilmour is a Developer Advocate at JetBrains and an expert with over 20 years of experience in industry and education. He runs graduate academies and retraining programs for software companies and has taught over 1,000 courses and workshops, using everything from CORBA to Kotlin. When not at the whiteboard, he coaches Krav Maga, lifts heavy weights, and fights Nerf battles with his kids.

Get practical advice

Discover 10 achievable strategies that startup and multinational companies use to transition young specialists into their careers.

Q&A session

Ask Garth pressing questions about teaching young specialists and preparing them for the industry. 

Networking opportunities

Connect with fellow computer science educators in our dedicated Discord channel to discuss tips, tricks, and the everyday challenges of modern teaching.

Become a speaker

Have a topic or important idea for other educators? Would you like the chance to present it globally on one of our livestreams? Checkmark the I would like to be contacted about a speaking opportunity box on the registration form or message us via the #propose-a-talk section of our “for educators” channel on Discord, and we’ll be in touch.

Keep an eye on our Discord educators channel and social media (LinkedIn, X (formerly Twitter), and Facebook) to learn about upcoming livestreams.

We hope to see you soon!

Your JetBrains Academy team

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