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Fleet Preview Update 1.17: Rust Debugger, Code Folding Improvements, Ability to Rename Workspaces, and More

Fleet 1.17 is now available, and it comes with a host of improvements and valuable new features:

  • You can now rename your workspaces in a snap! This means that there are no more generic workspace names that leave you scratching your head and regretting your choice later. Plus, it’s super easy to do, and you can change your mind and rename your workspace as often as you like!
Fleet 1.17: renaming workspaces
  • It’s commonly accepted that 5 hours of debugging can save 5 minutes of reading documentation. Keeping that in mind, we introduced a much-requested debugger for the Rust applications in Fleet. Please try it out!
Fleet 1.17: Rust debugger
  • We’ve worked a lot to improve code folding, and you can now fold much more than just code, even multiline comments and imports! This means no more endless scrolling through lengthy import statements or bulky comment sections. You can easily collapse and expand them! We hope this update will make your code more manageable and your life a bit easier.
Fleet 1.17: Code foldings
  • Good comments make great code clearer. Sometimes, you also just need them to temporarily remove a part of the program. If you previously missed the ability to use proper comment style in the JSX files, this has now been fixed in Fleet 1.17. The correct style is now used when it’s necessary to comment a block of nested code:
Fleet 1.17: Commenting the JSX code
  • Emmet support was enabled by default in Vue and React projects, which should make your coding experience with JSX, HTML, and other files faster and more efficient. Please use Emmet if you have not until now!
Fleet 1.17: Emmet support

These are the most important updates for Fleet 1.17. See the full release notes for the complete list of improvements and more details about the latest updates.

Please report any issues to our issue tracker and stay tuned for upcoming announcements.

To download the update, check your Toolbox App and install version 1.17.

PS. Plugins support and plugins API is a work in progress.

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