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Fleet 1.24 Comes With Project-Specific Code Reformatting, Git Integration Enhancements, and Other Improvements. 

Fleet 1.24 is now available! This latest release comes packed with a variety of new features and enhancements designed to elevate your development experience. Dive into the following overview to discover this update’s most notable changes:

New features

  • You can now easily copy text from a problem description in the Problems view! The ability to copy from a problem card allows you to quickly extract and use relevant information without having to transcribe things manually.
Fleet 1.24: copy text from a problem description
  • We’ve resolved the issue that prevented you from updating GitHub tokens in JetBrains Fleet. If you use an invalid token, you’ll now see a dialog allowing you to update it.
Fleet 1.24: updating GitHub token
Fleet 1.24: Rerun button in the floating debugging toolbar
Fleet 1.24: project-specific code reformatting settings
  • This update also makes it possible to depend on run configurations from other run.json files, elevating your project configuration capabilities. This option can simplify your project structure and reduce configuration overhead.


Fleet 1.24: segment-aware rename functionality for collapsed directories
  • The terminal shell fallback mechanism has been adjusted to ensure uninterrupted command-line operations when the primary mechanism is unavailable or encounters errors.


These are the most important updates for Fleet 1.24. See the full release notes for the complete list of improvements and for more details about the latest updates.

Thank you for being a part of the JetBrains Fleet community! Your continued support and feedback have been invaluable in shaping the future of the product.

Please report any issues you encounter to our issue tracker.

To download this update, check the Toolbox App and install version 1.24.

P.S. Support for plugins and plugin APIs is a work in progress, but the list of installed (bundled) plugins is now available and visible to everyone. To view it, select Plugins in the Actions menu.

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