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End of out-of-the-box support for Visual SourceSafe and ClearCase

There are a lot of different Version Control Systems out there. Over the years, some of them have become more popular than others. While the IntelliJ platform provides Integration with various VCSs out of the box, the usage for some … Continue reading

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How to Support Case-only Rename in Git

As you may know in IntelliJ IDEA 2016.2 EAP we’ve finally fixed a very annoying issue that didn’t allow to commit case-only renames in IntelliJ IDEA. For a number of reasons, the solution was not so trivial, we decided to share some of its implementation details … Continue reading

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Better Line Endings Managing in IntelliJ IDEA 12

It happens quite often, that version control is used by people working on different platforms. This is why problems with line endings may appear. If you ever read the article from GitHub, you might already know, that Git can automatically … Continue reading

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Git Branches for Multi-root Projects

Sometimes there is a need to have multiple Git repositories within a single project. Since long ago IntelliJ IDEA is able to execute many Git operations on all roots at once: Commit, Update Project, Push. Now multi-repository support has come … Continue reading

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Simpler and more powerful UI for Git branches

Lightweight and fast branches are one of the major features and advantages of Git. We in Jetbrains want to make workflow with branches even more convenient and simple than it is in command line. You might have noticed that in … Continue reading

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