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Flip Setter Call Intention Action in Maia

Two-way synchronization between different data models is a common routine task and often developers are stuck with manual copying of data from one model to another for many reasons: model complexity, impossibility to create a simple binding, etc. For example, … Continue reading

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Bean Validation support in IntelliJ IDEA 9

Initial Bean Validation support will be available in IntelliJ IDEA 9 (Maia). The first Maia EAP will include the following features: Dedicated facet for Bean Validation. This will help you use different Reference Implementations (RI) of Bean Validation. By now, … Continue reading

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Viewing Change Details on UML Class Diagram

When you have changes in several files or classes and want to see what they affect, you typically use the Changes tab and then Show Diff action for every affected file or class. In Maia, you will be able to … Continue reading

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Code Foldings for I18n Support

As you may know, IntelliJ IDEA 8 includes the complete i18nization support. In IntelliJ IDEA 9 (Maia) it will be improved with special i18n foldings that would allow to hide method calls, retrieving properties from resource bundles and replace them … Continue reading

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Quick Class Hierarchy View Using UML

IntelliJ IDEA 8.1.1 will support Show Class Hierarchy action that displays class hierarchy of a selected type. Just place the caret at any type in the code editor and press Ctrl+Alt+U.

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