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Integrating Java Dataflow Analysis and the Debugger

We have Java Dataflow Analysis (DFA), which is able to derive facts about your program: possible exceptions, conditions that are always true/always false, and more. It performs an abstract interpretation of the source code, allowing it to gather information about … Continue reading

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IntelliJ IDEA’s Static Analysis vs. the Human Brain

A while ago, I was studying the output of IntelliJ IDEA’s static analyzer for Java code and came across an interesting case. Since the code fragment was not open source, I’ve anonymized it and removed the external dependencies. Let’s just … Continue reading

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Fumigating the IDEA Ultimate code using dataflow analysis

IntelliJ IDEA ships with thousands of Java code inspections. Most of them work like very advanced regular expressions: they look for specific patterns in the code which look like typos, are not very performant, confusing, or overly verbose. However one … Continue reading

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