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Dogfooding Kotlin and M3.1

After releasing Kotlin M3, we immediately started dogfooding Kotlin. Working on KAnnotator — a static analysis tool that will automatically infer nullability annotations for libraries — helps us tremendously at prioritizing issues. As a result, we roll out a bugfix update: Kotlin M3.1 (list of closed issues). We recommend to run it with the latest IntelliJ IDEA 12 EAP.

A few highlights:

  • A bunch of annoying exceptions and performance problems.
  • Referring to inner enums fixed.
  • Super-calls from object literals fixed.
  • A few back-end fixes, including bridge methods and debugger-related things.
  • You can now run all tests in a package/module.

BTW, this talk I presented at JavaOne a week ago covers some new features in M3. Slides are available here. Other talks can be watched here.


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