Type-Safe Web with Kotlin

We told you about Kara Web Framework a while ago. It is written in Kotlin and relies on type-safe builders. It doesn’t have to be the only web framework for Kotlin, but the general principles seem good, so I wrote an article about these principles: Type-Safe Web with Kotlin, it gives an overview of the framework design, and then gives many details about builders, extensions and so on.

Examples used in this article are available at https://github.com/abreslav/kara-files/blob/master/src/tutorial.kt and https://github.com/abreslav/kara-files/blob/master/src/small_builder.kt

Slides from my talk given at JPoint in Saint Petersburg are also available online.
The talk was given in Russian, video accessible is here.

About Andrey Breslav

Andrey is the lead language designer of Kotlin at JetBrains.
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  1. HE Guangyu says:

    Great tools, just use one language replacing with html,css, jsp ,and javascript.

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