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A New Open Source Web Site

We have a new web site and a new domain!

Main Page

It’s Open Source

It would make no sense to be developing a language that is Open Source and not having an Open Source web site and documentation. We worked by gradually porting all the old site from the previous platform to Jekyll. The new site is all written in Markdown (actually Kramdown, a flavour of Markdown) and hosted on GitHub. In fact, we’ve made it really easy to contribute. On nearly every page there is an Edit Page icon:


Contributions welcome

There are still a few items pending on the web site. We still need to port the entire grammar over which is in the works. In addition the API documentation still needs porting over too. A lot of them we’re doing, but as this is an Open Source project, any and all contributions are welcome. So if you’re not ready yet to contribute to the Kotlin source code, please contribute with documentation, tutorials and other things. We can use all the help we can get.

If you want to contribute, make a fix, or anything, just click on it and edit directly on GitHub in the browser and send a pull request. You can of course also fork the repository and make changes locally with Jekyll. Instructions on the repository page.

New Content

The Docs sections is the entry point to all resources Kotlin.


In addition to having ported the existing documentation over, we now have new tutorials, video screencasts and even more documentation. We also list all Events as well as a section on external Resources where we feature OSS projects written in and for Kotlin.

Kotlin Koans

Along with the site we’ve published a new tutorial which is a series of exercises in the form of failing unit tests which allow you to get up to speed quickly, not only with the Kotlin syntax but also with some idioms.

Can you make them all pass?

Community Resources

We have gathered most community resources on a single page.

Take a look. Try it out. Let us know what you think.

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