MCE2015: Kotlin Session and JetBrains Booth

February 5th and 6th, MCE2015 takes control of the iconic Kinoteka cinema at the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw, Poland. Initially a conference for developers by developers, this year’s event expands to embrace all mobile creators – developers, designers and tech leaders.

At MCE2015 and JetBrains booth will be Anastasia Kazakova, Maxim Medvedev and Svetlana Isakova, who has a talk at the conference. Come by and learn about the latest advancements in our tools for mobile development including: Kotlin for Android and AppCode with Swift support. You may also be interested in having a look at our recent interview with Maxim discussing Swift support in AppCode.

Be sure to catch our Kotlin session on the second day of the conference.

Svetlana IsakovaKotlin, the Swift of Android

Presented by Svetlana Isakova
February 6th, 15:00, Auditorium 3

Apple has introduced “a better language” for iOS developers. But what options do we have for Android? Surely, Kotlin should be under consideration! Android Studio is now based on IntelliJ IDEA, the “native” environment for Kotlin.

Kotlin can help you reduce the amount of code you write for Android applications and at the same time make it readable and more maintainable. In this session we’re going to see how certain constructs and DSL’s can be used to make Android more enjoyable.

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4 Responses to MCE2015: Kotlin Session and JetBrains Booth

  1. Avatar

    curtis says:

    January 20, 2015

    Try and get Google to bless Kotlin as a modern Lang to target android and chromeos.

    • Avatar

      Marcel Bradea says:

      February 4, 2015

      Any plans for Google I/O this year guys? Kotlin should be Android’s next-gen lang…. but right now riddled with bugs (ie: IDE not parsing/compiling code sporadically – especially as solutions grow, merged resources not working with Kotlin, lack of multiple constructors preventing from extending View hierarchy as well as creating Parcelable classes etc.). Kotlin has SO much potential but we need official support, some foundational features, IDE stability and the Google “go ahead” to pull away Java’s most important platform (Android) and yank it into the future.

  2. Avatar

    Hung Nguyen says:

    August 18, 2015

    It doesn’t help anything since the generated code is still Java and the executable will be still running on JVM.
    Performance, not programming language syntax, is the big problem with Android.

    • Avatar

      Hadi Hariri says:

      August 19, 2015

      Not sure what you mean. Kotlin does not generate Java. It generates Byte Code and there is no performance impact as far as we’re aware.

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