Webinar Recording: Functional Programming with Kotlin

The recording of our October 22nd webinar, Functional Programming with Kotlin, is now available on JetBrainsTV YouTube channel.

In this talk, Mike Hearn provides a brief introduction to programming in Kotlin via practical example: creating a textfield with the autocomplete suggestions while typing. Demo project is available on GitHub.

Topics covered include:

  • Use of functional transforms
  • Immutability
  • Lazyness and working with lazy infinite sequences
  • The use of funKTionale, a library that extends Kotlin with a few features known from Haskell
  • Pattern matching
  • Reactive user interfaces

The video includes the time stamps following the agenda announced:
00:08 — Intoduction and demo application
05:00apply function
05:45 — Introduce NGram data class
08:22 — Creating extension methods
09:55 — Working with lazy infinite sequences
10:35map function
11:10to function and infix notation
14:35 — Destructuring of data classes
19:20filter, let and all functions
23:00 — Debug lazy code
24:20 — Add completions to UI
25:18 — Load data in a functional way
28:30 — Improve performance of the data loading
33:20 — Improve the UI responsiveness in RX style
40:05 — Using Kovenant library
42:03 — Using funKTionale library
44:10 — Currying
45:35 — Questions

About the Presenter:

Mike Hearn Mike Hearn is a Java, Kotlin and C++ developer who works on digital currency related software. Prior to that he was a senior software engineer at Google, where he spent over seven years working on a range of products including Earth, Maps, Gmail and the accounts system.

Thanks to all the attendees for the questions! If you still have some, please, contact Mike or our team.

You are welcome to suggest themes for future webinars in comments.

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