Kotlin Workshop Material for you to use

We’ve just pushed major updates to a new repository we created that contains material for a Kotlin Workshop. In addition to code samples covering all major Kotlin topics, it has presentation slides, as well as exercises and questions for students to complete.

This is material that myself and others at JetBrains are using for Kotlin workshops that we’re delivering. It is divided up into Introduction and Advanced and usually pans across two days. We’ve licensed it under Creative Commons and you are welcome to use it for yourselves to learn Kotlin and/or deliver your own workshop. And of course, being open source, contributions are more than welcome!

Kotlin Workshop Material

Reminder of upcoming workshops

As a reminder, if you’re interested in attending some of the upcoming workshops, myself and Svetlana will be delivering a few in the coming months:

Hope to see some of you there!

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One Response to Kotlin Workshop Material for you to use

  1. Pamela Arnez says:

    Hi! I’m Pamela and I live in Bolivia.
    Congratulations on your excellent initiative! I will try the workshops and I will go following the material they provide. I would love to participate in a live workshop, but thanks for sharing it freely.
    I want to prepare to be able to teach in the GDG of my city.
    Greetings and good work :)

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