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Kotlin 1.3 Webinars. Update: the recordings and slides are available

JetBrains is hosting two webinars on Kotlin 1.3 this December. Both events aim to explore the most common use cases and the challenges in adopting Coroutines, Kotlin/Native, and Multiplatform Projects.

Andrey Breslav will answer the questions you have on Kotlin 1.3 and our future plans during the Q&A session. To ask your questions, use #kotlinask_13 on Twitter or use YouTube chat during the webinar.

The recordings of the webinars are available on JetBrains TV: Kotlin Coroutines presentation by Roman Elizarov, Kotlin 1.3 Q&A with Andrey Breslav, and Kotlin Multiplatform projects (MPP), Kotlin/Native by Nikolay Igotti. The slides are available as well: Kotlin 1.3 overview, Coroutines, MPP, Kotlin/Native.

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Both events are free to attend and will be broadcast on the JetBrains TV YouTube channel. To get the link, please register for the webinar and we will notify you by email.

Kotlin Coroutines and Kotlin 1.3 Q&A

December 5th, 16.00 – 17.30 CET

16.00 – 16.10 We will start with a short Kotlin 1.3 overview by Andrey Breslav
16.10 – 16.55 Kotlin Coroutines presentation by Roman Elizarov

Kotlin Coroutines is a foundational feature in Kotlin language that enables easy-to-write/easy-to-read asynchronous programming and more. For those of you who are familiar with other asynchronous programming abstractions like callbacks, futures/promises, and async/await, we’ll give an overview of the similarities and differences, and highlight the key features of Kotlin’s design.

16.55 – 17.30 Kotlin 1.3 Q&A with Andrey Breslav. You can ask your questions via Twitter or the YouTube chat during the event.

Kotlin Native and Multiplatform Projects

December 12th, 16.00 – 17.30 CET

16.00 – 16.30 Kotlin/Native presentation by Nikolay Igotti

Is Kotlin a JVM-only language? Can I explore and improve Apple or Linux ecosystem using Kotlin and JetBrains’ tools I know and love? How far I can go? We will discuss Kotlin/Native, its features and limitations, the technology behind it, innovative concurrency approach, our mid-term roadmap, and long-term plans.

16.30 – 16.40 break

16.40 – 17.25 Kotlin Multiplatform Projects by Nikolay Igotti

Are fully functional mobile applications doomed to be written twice for iOS and Android? Will common porting layer (like in React Native, Flutter) cut off all the cool platform-specific features? Can JetBrains provide us with tools suitable for multiplatform development? We will discuss the philosophy behind Kotlin multiplatform (MPP) technology, supported target platforms and ecosystems, available tools, multiplatform libraries, and how to use Kotlin everywhere you need it.

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