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Accelerate Your Kotlin Multiplatform Evaluation with KaMP Kit

JetBrains and Touchlab partner to drive Kotlin Multiplatform adoption in 2020

At JetBrains, we’re very delighted to partner with our good friends at Touchlab to increase the adoption of Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile technology in 2020 and beyond.

Touchlab has released a toolkit for getting started with Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile technology. It’s a self-contained GitHub project that you can use as a starting point or for evaluating the technology. We had the chance to review it before its general release and can say that we’re excited to share it with the Kotlin Multiplatform community!

The following post, written by Touchlab, provides more details.

JetBrains & Touchlab

When we first looked into Kotlin in 2014 we had no idea that JetBrains would introduce something as innovative as Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile. At Touchlab we believe 2020 is the year of Kotlin Multiplatform.


Touchlab partner Kevin Galligan presenting at KotlinConf ‘19 in Copenhagen (image courtesy of JetBrains)

We look forward to supporting our friends at JetBrains by writing and contributing to key pieces of content for the expanding Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile dev portal, presenting a workshop at Kotlinconf ‘20, and help drive adoption of Kotlin Multiplatform this year:

“We’ve been fortunate to work with many great partners over the last decade. I feel confident saying that JetBrains is one of our most exciting collaborations to date.”

  • Jeff Namnum, Touchlab partner

Introducing KaMP Kit by Touchlab

KaMP Kit is now available to the public!


All relevant information (including the KaMP Kit GitHub repo) can be found on the Touchlab website.

The goal of KaMP Kit is to accelerate your evaluations of Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile. It is a collection of code and tools designed to get you started quickly.

KaMP Kit allows teams to set up a development environment, clone the repo, and have a running sample app very quickly. From there, teams can focus on how they want to use Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile to build.


Touchlab is focused primarily on using Kotlin Multiplatform for native mobile development. As a result, this kit is targeted at native mobile developers (Android and iOS), as well as engineering managers for native mobile teams.

Little-to-no experience with Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile is required for the initial setup. For some of the more advanced concepts after setup, it will be useful if the team has some Kotlin Multiplatform experience.

What’s Included?

  1. The Kit App – A native mobile Kotlin Multiplatform app with the minimum functional feature set necessary to start evaluating Kotlin Multiplatform.

  2. Educational Resources – Introductory information on Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile and Kotlin/Native.

  3. Integration Information – If integrating shared code into an existing application, guides to assist with that effort.

What’s Not Included?

Comprehensive guides, advanced tutorials, or generally support for fixing anything not included in the Kit app. The goal is to have a solid starting point from which it’s possible to create something meaningful for evaluating Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile. The limited scope is intentional to maintain focus.

Getting your KaMP Kit

More information and link to KaMP Kit on GitHub project can be found on the Touchlab website.

If you’d like to troubleshoot or ask questions related to KaMP Kit, request to join Kotlinlang Slack here and then search for “kampkit-support” on Kotlinlang to join our dedicated support channel for KaMP Kit.

About Touchlab

Touchlab is an expert Kotlin Multiplatform and custom software development consultancy based in NYC. They partner with larger mobile teams and their management to accelerate development and reduce duplicative engineering with Kotlin Multiplatform. Client roster includes Square / Cash App, Granular, U.S. Air Force, Mirror and Betterment. Touchlab is JetBrains certified in Kotlin Training, a continued partner and speaker at KotlinConf and a recognized Kotlin Multiplatform OSS contributor.

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