Kotlin 1.4 Online Event Recap: Materials and QuizQuest Winners

The Kotlin 1.4 Online Event materials are available for you to watch any time. Recordings of the talks, and Q&As are available on the event web page, along with slides. You can watch the recordings in order using the Kotlin 1.4 Online Event playlist

Kotlin 1.4 talks

At the time of writing, the recordings from the Kotlin 1.4 playlist have been viewed more than 120 thousand times in total. The five most viewed talks are:

If you’d like to get a better feel for the atmosphere of the event, as well as more insights from the speakers’ interviews, check out the recordings of the streams in the event playlist.

Q&A sessions and the Kotlin team’s AMA session on Reddit

We received more than 700 questions and managed to answer about half of them during the event. The remaining questions have since been covered during the Kotlin team’s recent AMA session on Reddit. Check it out to find the answers to your questions.

About the Kotlin 1.4 Online Event

The Kotlin 1.4 Online Event took place on October 12–15, 2020. Over 23,000 people from 69 countries joined the live stream to watch the talks, chat with the Kotlin community, and pose questions for the speakers. We received 2090 applications for the virtual booth and more than 5000 submissions in the QuizQuest.

Thanks a million to everyone who joined and filled those four days with knowledge, attention, and support for each other, including all of our speakers, organizers, guests, and partners!

We particularly want to thank those who sent us videos for our community compilation. It is a true gem from our event! Enjoy watching:

QuizQuest results

QuizQuest, one of the most exciting activities of the event, is finished and we have winners in three categories:

  1. Quick Thinker. In this category we raffled off 45 stylish bottles among attendees who solved at least 1 quiz correctly and submitted it before the deadline (16:00 CEST the day after the quiz was posted).
  2. Explorer. All QuizQuesters who submitted at least one quiz and answered 50% of questions correctly were enrolled in this raffle. We randomly chose 50 winners who are getting a T-shirt with the event logo.
  3. Captain Kotlin. In this challenging category, players had to work hard and answer as many questions as possible from all the quizzes. The top 12 scorers are getting a branded backpack from JetBrains, as well as special kudos from the Kotlin team and the community! Here are their names and scores:

    • Mikhail Islentyev – 100.0
    • Aakarshit Uppal – 99.007
    • Ivan Mikhnovich – 98.440
    • Jean-François Michel – 98.355
    • Zoltán Kadlecsik – 98.128
    • Sergey Ryabov – 96.794
    • Nicola Corti – 96.142
    • Maciej Uniejewski – 96.0
    • Bogdan Popov – 95.765
    • Mayank Kharbanda – 95.680
    • KAUSHIK N SANJI – 95.461
    • Dmitri Maksimov – 95.433

All the winners will receive an email with instructions on how to redeem their prizes.

The Kotlin 1.4 Online Event was a great success thanks to the vibrant Kotlin community. We would love for you to join our future events, so if you’re interested, please register to be notified about them.

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