Revamped Kotlin Documentation – Give It a Try

We’re revamping our Kotlin documentation to bring you more helpful features and improve your user experience. To name just a few advantages, the new Kotlin documentation:

  • Is mobile friendly.
  • Has a completely new look and improved structure.
  • Provides easy navigation on each page.
  • Lets you share feedback on every page.
  • Lets you copy code with a single click.

More features such as dark theme support are coming soon.

Kotlin revamped documentation

Before going to production and deprecating the current version of the documentation, we want to ensure that we haven’t missed any critical issues. We’d be extremely grateful if you would look through the new revamped documentation and share your feedback with us.

View new documentation 👀

When you view the Kotlin documentation you’ll still see it in the old format. To view the documentation in the new revamped format, click this link. This will add a cookie to your browser which will enable you to see the documentation in the new format.

New Kotlin documentation

If you want to check anything in the old version of the documentation, open the usual link in another browser or use an incognito window in your current browser.

If you find that there are problems with the new documentation and you would like to revert to the old format, please let us know about these issues and click this link. This link will remove the cookie and you will only see the documentation in the old format.

Share your feedback 🗣

Your feedback is very important for us. You can:

  • Add comments to this blog post.
  • Share feedback in the #docs-revamped channel in our Kotlin public Slack (get an invite).
  • Report an issue to our issue tracker.
  • Email us at
  • Share your feedback with us at the bottom of a specific documentation page by answering No to the question Was this page helpful? and filling in the feedback form.

Widget for providing feedback

What’s next? 👣

We will collect your feedback over the next two weeks and analyze it. If there are critical issues that many of you point out, we will do our best to address them before going to production and deprecating the existing documentation.

We will also communicate our plan to address all the feedback that we receive from you. We can’t promise that we will be able to do everything at once, but we will strive to improve the Kotlin documentation and to bring you the best possible user experience! Your feedback will help us achieve this.

Check the #docs-revamped channel in our public Slack (get an invite) for more information and updates.

Try out the 🆕 documentation now!

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