Kotlin Heroes: Episode 6 Is Here

Registration for Kotlin Heroes: Episode 6 is open. This coding challenge is hosted by JetBrains and Codeforces, the most popular platform for programming contests. It is a great opportunity to learn about the features and capabilities of the Kotlin language.
Register now and save the date: March 9, 2:35 PM UTC.

“Programming contests are a great way to test your programming skills and improve them. Whether you are a seasoned competitive programmer or a Kotlin developer who has never participated in a programming contest before, you’ll find these contests useful, entertaining, and thought-provoking. They’re designed to give everyone a chance to win prizes. We hope that you’ll find the Kotlin language fun and enjoyable to use and that you will keep using it in other programming contests.”
— Roman Elizarov, ICPC Live Director, Project Lead for Kotlin

The contest features a set of problems designed for both beginners and seasoned competitive programmers. Competitive programming is a mind sport where contestants write programs to solve precisely formulated algorithmic problems within strict constraints. The problems range from simple ones, which can be solved by any developer and don’t require much code, to complex ones that demand knowledge of specific algorithms and data structures.

The top three winners will receive prizes of $512, $256, and $128, respectively. The top 50 contestants will win a Kotlin Heroes t-shirt and exclusive Kotlin stickers. Every competitor who solves at least one problem be entered into a draw for one of the 50 exclusive Kotlin Heroes t-shirts.

Before Kotlin Heroes: Episode 6 begins, you are invited to test your programming skills in a practice round. On March 9, you are invited to take the real challenge and compete for prizes.

Check out our page about Kotlin Heroes to learn more about the format of the competition, and the resources available to help you prepare.

To get ready for the challenge, you can read our tutorial on competitive programming in Kotlin and watch the videos from our Competitive Programming playlist on YouTube.

See you soon!

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