Server-side With Kotlin Webinar Series, Vol. 3

Announcing a new series of webinars about Kotlin for server-side! These will take place between May 27 and June 17. Join the live sessions or watch the recordings later!

In this five-webinar series, our speakers will host step-by-step live coding sessions to show you what kinds of benefits you can get from Kotlin for server-side and its rich ecosystem. Each webinar will include a Q&A session to discuss everything you are interested in with the host and speakers from CUBA.platform (now Jmix), http4k, RSocket, Hazelcast, and Quarkus.

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May 27, Aleksey Stukalov. Getting the Most From JPA With Kotlin

Aleksey Stukalov is a Solutions Director at Haulmont and a technology geek passionate about developer tooling. Since 2015 Aleksey has led the development of the CUBA.platform (now Jmix) framework used in numerous enterprise projects today.

In this webinar, you will learn how to use JPA in your Kotlin applications. You will also learn many tips and tricks for defining JPA entities and how you can use Kotlin to simplify your work.

The webinar is over. You can watch the recording.

June 1, Nicolas Fränkel. Spring: From MVC to Reactive

Nicolas Fränkel is a Developer Advocate with 15+ years of experience in consulting. He combines working for Hazelcast with training and book-writing.

You will learn how to migrate a traditional Spring Boot application to its Reactive equivalent, and how to use that to cut your monthly bills. In this demo-based talk, Nicolas will show how to migrate a traditional Spring Boot application that uses WebMVC, Spring Data JPA, and Spring Cache to its Reactive equivalent in a step-by-step process.

The webinar is over. You can watch the recording.

June 10, Justin Lee. Quarkus for Kotlin Developers

Justin Lee is a Java Champion and a Kotlin fanatic. He has been programming in Java since 1996 and has worked on virtually every level of the application stack, from database drivers to application servers and front-end interfaces. Justin is currently a Principal Software Engineer working on QuarkusIO at Red Hat.

Justin will show you how Kotlin can be used with Quarkus for building applications in the cloud! Quarkus has radically changed how Java developers approach building applications. But even though Quarkus is an amazing framework for Java microservices, that doesn’t mean that Kotlin has to look in from the outside.

The webinar is over. You can watch the recording.

June 15, David Denton and Ivan Sanchez. http4k: Server as a Function

Both of your speakers are GoogleDevExperts and co-creators of http4k: David Denton, Engineering Lead, and Ivan Sanchez, independent software consultant.

This session is a practical introduction to http4k, a functional toolkit for writing Kotlin HTTP applications for Server, Serverless, or Native runtimes. Using the Server as a Function approach, you’ll learn how to take advantage of the uniform client and server interfaces to easily create production-ready HTTP applications with zero magic. You’ll also see how this approach unlocks powerful testing techniques that result in super-fast tests that are both well-factored and simple to write.

The webinar is over. You can watch the recording.

June 17, Oleh Dokuka. What’s New in Spring Boot With Kotlin

Oleh Dokuka is a Software Engineer who has experience with reactive technologies both as a user and a developer. A Java Champion and co-author of the book “Hands‑On Reactive Programming in Spring 5”, Oleh works on RSocket and improves Project Reactor.

In this session, you will learn how to get started with Kotlin Multiplatform and Spring Boot, and build a client-server application using Spring Boot and Kotlin on the server side and Kotlin/JS to power the client UI in the browser.

The webinar is over. You can watch the recording

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