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Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile Beta Roadmap Video Highlights

The Kotlin 2021 Premier Online Event is in full swing, and The KMM Beta Roadmap video is already available for you to watch! In this video, Ekaterina Petrova discusses all the important changes that you can expect with KMM Beta, which will be available in Spring 2022. These changes include a new memory management approach for Kotlin/Native, improved Apple integration tooling, the hierarchical project structure enabled by default, and many more. Check out the main highlights:

Do you believe Kotlin Multiplatform is the perfect fit for cross-platform mobile development? Are you passionate about the technology, and do you want to share that passion? If so, apply to become a Developer Advocate for KMM today!

Watch the whole KMM Beta Roadmap video, and keep an eye out for other important updates!

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