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Server-side With Kotlin Webinar Series, Vol. 4

Announcing a new series of webinars about Kotlin for server-side! These will be held between December 14 and 21. Join the live sessions or catch-up on the recordings afterwards!

In this webinar series, our speakers will host step-by-step live coding sessions to show you what kinds of benefits you can get from Kotlin for server-side and its rich ecosystem.

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Object Detection and Image Recognition with Kotlin

Tempered in the crucible of Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark, Alexey Zinoviev has spent the past few years working on Machine Learning frameworks for JVM programming languages (Java, Scala, and Kotlin). Since 2020, Alexey has been actively contributing to the new Deep Learning framework created at JetBrains.

In this webinar, we will explore a deep learning library written in Kotlin, learn how to detect objects of different types in images, build predictive models on numeric data, and use KTor and KotlinDL to create a Kotlin Web Application that will recognize animals in the images.

Functional Programming in Kotlin with Arrow.kt

Simon Vergauwen and Alejandro Serrano are both engineers at 47 Degrees. Simon is one of the maintainers of the Arrow library. And Alejandro is slowly moving to Kotlin after a decade of being a Haskeller. In fact, he has written a couple of books on the subject!

Arrow strives to be a great functional companion library for Kotlin. This is not just a matter of style: this functional style makes it easy for us to describe complex patterns, and our goal is to showcase a few of these patterns in the context of a Ktor project. We’ll discuss how to handle retries using circuit breakers and schedulers, and how to carry out powerful validation. Along the way, we’ll show bits and pieces of other Arrow projects, like optics and analysis.

Building web applications with Ktor and Exposed

Anton Arhipov is a Developer Advocate on the Kotlin team at JetBrains. His professional interests include programming languages and developer tooling. Anton has been a Java Champion since 2014 and is also a co-organizer of DevClub.eu, a local developers community based in Tallinn, Estonia.

Ktor is a lightweight framework for building asynchronous server and client applications. Exposed is a database access library that is often used with Ktor. In this session, you will learn how to bootstrap a project with Ktor, build interaction between server and client via WebSockets, and add database support with the Exposed library.

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Learn more about server-side Kotlin

We’ve created a page with lots of useful reference materials about using Kotlin on the backend. Follow the link below for tips, tricks, and best practices, all carefully curated by the Kotlin team.

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