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Kotlin News: 1.7.20-RC, kotlinx.serialization 1.4.0, KotlinConf Call for Speakers, and More

Kotlin 1.7.20-RC Released

Here are some highlights from this preview version of Kotlin:

  • K2 now supports several new plugins.
  • A preview of the ..< operator for open-ended ranges has been added.
  • The K/N memory manager is enabled by default.
  • Inline classes with generic underlying type (experimental) have been added.

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kotlinx.serialization 1.4.0 Is Out

Check out the new exciting features and updates the latest kotlinx.serialization 1.4.0 release brings:

  • Integration with Okio’s BufferedSource and BufferedSink.
  • Inline classes and unsigned numbers no longer require experimental annotations.
  • Part of SerializationException’s hierarchy is now public.
  • @MetaSerializable annotation.
  • Moving documentation from GitHub pages to kotlinlang.org.

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Become a KotlinConf’23 Speaker

KotlinConf is a community event, so we would love for you to take part. Submit a talk and share your experience, whether it’s about finding innovative ways to use Kotlin, the challenges you’ve faced, a framework you’ve created, or anything you’d like to share that could help others along their journey. The call for papers is now open!

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