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Kudos to New Kotlin Multiplatform Content Creators!

In today’s ever evolving technology landscape, the power of community-driven content cannot be overstated. Kotlin Multiplatform is making steady progress towards stability, and its ecosystem is growing and evolving. Meanwhile, Compose Multiplatform is developing at a rapid pace with the development of Compose for iOS currently in its Alpha stage. This advancement and expansion owe a great deal to the ideas, perspectives, and passions of our community contributors.

To acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of content makers, we regularly organize the Kotlin Multiplatform Content Creators Recognition Campaigns, which highlight articles and videos around the technology. In this blog post, we’re sharing another round of content pieces that will serve as a source of inspiration for learners.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to become a part of the Kotlin Multiplatform community of content creators and see your work highlighted in one of the official Kotlin resources. We choose our favorite new content once every three months and promote it by:

If you’re struggling to come up with a fresh idea for content, feel free to use the following list of the most requested Kotlin Multiplatform topics for inspiration:

  • Experiments with cutting-edge tools and libraries, such as Kotlin Multiplatform libraries in Jetpack.
  • Experience with Compose Multiplatform for iOS.
  • Use cases – what have you shared with Kotlin Multiplatform?
  • The migration of large projects to Kotlin Multiplatform.

This list is just to help you get inspired, so don’t limit yourself. Feel free to share your expertise and experience on atopic of your choice. We love what our community has to say and can’t wait to see what you come up with! Don’t forget to add the #kotlinmultiplatform tag if the media platform you’re using allows it.

Adding the #kotlinmultiplatform tag on the media platform when posting content about Kotlin Multiplatform

You can also send us a link to your article, video, sample project, or any other type of content to kmm.feedback@kotlinlang.org so we don’t miss out!

We’d like to thank all of the content creators for their efforts and invite everyone to explore their work. Get motivated and continue building a vibrant community that drives the future of our technology forward!

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