Kotlin News: Latest Releases, Kotlin Support in Fleet, Kotlin Multiplatform Content Creators, and More

In this new edition of the Kotlin digest, you’ll learn about the new releases, finalists whose work has stood out in the latest round of Kotlin Multiplatform Content Creators Recognition Campaign, and the current state of Kotlin support in Fleet, a new IDE from JetBrains.

Kotlin Multiplatform user survey

Kotlin Multiplatform user survey

If you’re a Kotlin Multiplatform developer, we want to hear from you! We’re conducting a Kotlin Multiplatform user survey to collect insights that will help us shape the future of the technology. Complete the survey and contribute to a better developer experience for our community!

By participating, you will also have the chance to win a one-year JetBrains All Products Pack subscription or a $100 Amazon Gift Card.

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Kotlin 1.9.20-RC2

The Kotlin 1.9.20-RC2 release

Kotlin 1.9.20-RC2 is here! Highlights from this release include:

  • A preview kapt compiler plugin with K2
  • Full support for the Gradle configuration cache in Kotlin Multiplatform
  • A new default hierarchy template for setting up multiplatform projects
  • Kotlin/Native support for Xcode 15
  • Custom memory allocator enabled by default in Kotlin/Native
  • Performance improvements for the garbage collector in Kotlin/Native
  • A new target for Kotlin/Wasm – `wasm-wasi`
  • Support for the WASI API in the standard library for Kotlin/Wasm

We encourage you to try 1.9.20-RC2 out!

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Compose Multiplatform 1.5.10-rc02

The Compose Multiplatform 1.5.10-rc02 release

The Compose Multiplatform 1.5.10 release is just around the corner. The release candidate includes all features and performance improvements from the beta releases, compatibility with Kotlin 1.9.20-RC2, bug fixes, and more:

  • New Material 3 components (ModalBottomSheet, ExposedDropdownMenuBox, SearchBar, and DockedSearchBar) in common code.
  • Enhancements to TextField for iOS.
  • Improved UIKit interoperability.
  • Compatibility with Kotlin 1.9.20-RC2.
  • Increased compilation speed for iOS with Kotlin 1.9.20.
  • Enhanced rendering performance on iOS.
  • Basic support for the K2 compiler.

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Kotlin support in Fleet

Kotlin support in Fleet, a new IDE from JetBrains

JetBrains Fleet is a lightweight code editor and IDE that uses the IntelliJ code-processing engine. Fleet allows you to develop in Python, TypeScript / JavaScript, Go, Java, PHP, C#, and other popular languages with the most advanced support for Kotlin. The product is now in public preview so everyone can try it!

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Kotlin Multiplatform Content Creators

Kotlin Multiplatform Content Creators

To recognize and celebrate the dedication and efforts of community members who create educational content about Kotlin Multiplatform, we regularly organize Kotlin Multiplatform Content Creators Recognition Campaigns. These content pieces will serve as a source of inspiration for learners:

Discover more interesting content from the community in our blog post.

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Webinar recordings

Kotlin webinars: "Practice technical interview algorithms in Kotlin" and "Service mesh for Kotlin developers"

If you missed our educational livestreams, the recordings are now available to watch online.

Practice technical interview algorithms in Kotlin

In this livestream, Alexander S. Kulikov, Head of the Laboratory of Algorithms and Complexity Theory at JetBrains Research, and Pavel Mavrin, Tutor and Researcher at JetBrains and 2004 ICPC World Champion, introduce the Algorithmic Challenges in Kotlin course. Watch the video to see solutions to some popular coding interview problems, like “Opposite Values” and “Collecting Signatures” coding challenges.

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Service mesh for Kotlin developers

If you want to learn more about service mesh and its transformative potential, be sure to watch the livestream recording with Viktor Gamov, a Developer Advocate with Kong. You will learn how to set up a service mesh in Kubernetes, deploy demo Kotlin microservices, enable declarative traffic policies, and more.

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