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Tackle Advent of Code 2023 With Kotlin and Win Prizes!

Unwrap the joy of coding challenges as we gear up for Advent of Code, which JetBrains is proud to be sponsoring for a third consecutive year! Starting December 1, the JetBrains community will be diving into 25 days of coding challenges at adventofcode.com, and we warmly invite you to participate using Kotlin.

Advent of Code is a great way to discover new Kotlin features, enhance your problem-solving skills, and engage with a fantastic community. Take part for some friendly competition, valuable learning experiences, and the chance to win exclusive Kotlin prizes!

Watch on YouTube


Starting December 1, we’ll be holding livestreams every day at 5:00 pm UTC to discuss the puzzle of the day, giving you 12 hours to solve the puzzle before we go through it together. We’ll be joined by guests from the Kotlin team and the community to discuss possible approaches to the problems. It’s a great way to tackle the challenges together and learn some cool Kotlin tricks!


Join the discussion in the Advent of Code channel on the Kotlinlang Slack, and share tips and tricks with other participants. Each day we’ll post a new thread where you can share your puzzle solutions. The most active community members will get some neat rewards!

Join Our Slack

Advent of Code Leaderboards

Take part in our dedicated Kotlin leaderboards. We’ll randomly pick several winners from among those who submit their solutions on GitHub, and the top scorers will also get some fantastic prizes.

Since the leaderboard space is limited and in high demand, we’ve created several leaderboards to fit everyone interested. To join, head to the Leaderboard section in your Advent of Code profile and enter one of the codes below:

Leaderboard 1: 2553782-b2a92b30

Leaderboard 2: 3240090-7d776460

Leaderboard 3: 3240094-c8ce397b

Leaderboard 4: 3240651-e9dd79d4

Leaderboard 5: 3240655-edd1d88b

Leaderboard 6: 236080-dc9ec046

Leaderboard 7: 3797833-1ac07387

Please join only one leaderboard. Thank you!


We’ve compiled some useful Advent of Code resources to help you get in the spirit:

  • The Advent of Code in Kotlin GitHub template.
  • Previous years’ solutions to Advent of Code puzzles in idiomatic Kotlin.
  • The Tips and Tricks for Solving Advent of Code blog post.
  • The Algorithmic Challenges in Kotlin plugin-based course.


Make the most of our GitHub template, which is designed to streamline the structure of your solutions. This repository template is specifically for use with Kotlin, and it offers a solid foundation for your solutions, allowing you to get set up quickly so you can dive right into the problems.

To create a new project with this template, simply log in to your GitHub account, follow the link below, and click the green Use this template button. Please do not fork it!

Use the template

The template below is a fork of the main Advent of Code Kotlin Template repository that uses the Amper tool for project configuration, recently introduced by JetBrains. With this version, we swapped the standard Gradle build configuration with the module.yaml Amper file.

Use the Amper template


For a chance to grab some fantastic prizes by participating in Advent of Code with Kotlin, be sure to follow these steps:

  • Tackle at least three days of Advent of Code 2023 challenges in Kotlin.
  • Share your solutions publicly on GitHub.
  • Have your contact details (email address or Twitter handle) available in your GitHub profile.
  • Follow the Advent of Code guidelines, which forbid you from using AI or LLMs to solve the puzzles.
  • Add the topic “aoc-2023-in-kotlin” to your repository.

To include the “aoc-2023-in-kotlin” topic in your repository, edit the repository details by clicking the gear icon in the top right-hand corner of the repository page. Next, in the topics field, add the value:

Advent of Code in Kotlin Topic

We genuinely appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm for this friendly competition! Our aim is to provide you with an enjoyable experience as you explore the beauty of solving holiday puzzles in idiomatic Kotlin.

Join us for Advent of Code 2023 with Kotlin for a chance to learn, have fun, and be a part of a fantastic community! 

Happy coding!

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