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Kotlin/Wasm in Alpha, a KMP Project Migration Tutorial by Philipp Lackner, and Other Kotlin News

Catch up on the highlights of what happened in the Kotlin ecosystem in December and January!

Kotlin for WebAssembly goes Alpha

Kotlin for WebAssembly goes Alpha

Kotlin/Wasm, the newest Kotlin Multiplatform target platform, has reached Alpha status! This means that Kotlin/Wasm is ready for you to use in pre-production scenarios. It still has many areas that are works in progress, and we continue to rely on the community to help inform and prioritize the decisions influencing Kotlin/Wasm.

Additionally, Compose Multiplatform for the web (currently experimental) leverages Kotlin/Wasm. Together, the two technologies enable developers to create declarative user interfaces for web applications entirely in Kotlin.

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"Kotlin and WebAssembly: Unleashing Cross-Platform Power" livestream

If you want to see Kotlin/Wasm in action, watch the recording of our livestream: Kotlin and WebAssembly: Unleashing Cross-Platform Power. In it, you’ll see:

  • How Kotlin code is compiled to WebAssembly.
  • The performance benefits of using WebAssembly.
  • How to build a UI using Compose Multiplatform compiled with the Kotlin/Wasm toolchain.
  • Practical examples of how Kotlin/Wasm can be used to build web apps showcased by Zalim Bashorov, Team Lead for Kotlin/Wasm.

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KotlinConf’24 is 90% sold out!

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Don’t miss out on the world’s largest Kotlin event. Anticipate exciting keynote speeches, sessions, and workshops presented by industry experts and passionate Kotlin enthusiasts. Participants will have the opportunity to explore the most recent developments, adopt best practices, and learn from success stories. Join us at Copenhagen’s beautiful Bella Center on May 22–24!

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If you’re planning to attend KotlinConf this year, you might be interested in our Hands-On Kotlin Web Development with Ktor workshop. In this full-day workshop, Anton Arhipov, Developer Advocate at JetBrains, and Leonid Stashevsky, Team Lead for Ktor at JetBrains, will show you how to create a feature-complete application using Ktor, Exposed, and various Kotlin and Java libraries. For more details, check out the official KotlinConf 2024 website.

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KotlinConf Global 2024: uniting Kotlin enthusiasts worldwide!

KotlinConf Global 2024: uniting Kotlin enthusiasts worldwide

KotlinConf Global is a series of meetups organized by the community to watch and discuss the keynote addresses and sessions at the conference. Become part of KotlinConf 2024 by hosting your own event!

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Kandy: the new Kotlin plotting library by JetBrains

Kandy: the new Kotlin plotting library by JetBrains

In December, the JetBrains team introduced Kandy, a new Kotlin plotting library. Boasting a user-friendly DSL, Kandy seamlessly integrates with Kotlin DataFrame and Kotlin Notebook, offering a cohesive approach to effortless chart creation.

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How to migrate an Android project to Kotlin Multiplatform (video)

How to migrate an Android project to Kotlin Multiplatform (video)

Do you want to learn about how to migrate an Android project to Kotlin Multiplatform? Then, be sure to watch this deep-dive video tutorial by Philpp Lackner. In this session, Philipp walks you through the process of taking your existing native Android project in Android Studio and migrating it to Kotlin Multiplatform, so that you can use the app on iOS as well.

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Amper Update: highlights of user feedback and our plans

Amper, a new tool by JetBrains to improve the project configuration user experience.

Amper is a new tool by JetBrains to improve the project configuration user experience. Since its release last November, we’ve received a lot of feedback from the community and have continued our development work as well. Check out some of the highlights of what we’ve heard from you and a little about where we’re headed next in our blog post.

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Results of Google Summer of Code with Kotlin

Results of Google Summer of Code with Kotlin

2023 marked Kotlin’s first-ever participation in Google Summer of Code (GSoC), a global online program focused on bringing new contributors into open-source development. Contributors worked on 12-week programming projects with the Kotlin Foundation under the guidance of mentors from JetBrains, Google, and Gradle.

Here is the final list of projects that we worked on last summer, along with reviews from mentors and contributors:

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