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Try MPS Beta With Calculator Language Tutorial

It is a very exciting moment for us because we just released Beta version of MPS. Based on all the feedback on the Beta we plan to release MPS 1.0 in early 2009.

MPS is quite different from what we’ve all known before so, in order to ease the learning curve of MPS for new users, we’ve created a Tutorial. In this tutorial we create a simple language for programmer’s income calculator according to different development rates.

In the end it generates a Java Swing application. The tutorial covers a wide range of topics, and completing it will teach you how to create non-trivial languages in MPS. It teaches defining a language syntax, editor, generator, constraints and typesystem. It also demonstrates an important feature of MPS – language extension.

We are still working on improving the tutorial, but we think it’s already quite useful to get familiar with main MPS’ concepts and techniques.

Even though completing the tutorial takes a significant amount of effort and time: about 2 hours, you will be rewarded with the skills needed to create real languages in MPS. If you have any thoughts about improving this tutorial or have questions about it or MPS, feel free to post your comments here or to our discussion forum.

-JetBrains MPS Team

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