JetBrains provides early access to its MPS-based issue tracker

Today, we’re opening the very first Early Access Program for our own issue tracker code-named Charisma. Some MPS users are probably familiar with this home-grown web application because it is used to track bugs in MPS itself.

If you haven’t heard anything about Charisma before, then the first thing any MPS enthusiast needs to know about it is: Charisma is the first ever public JetBrains product that has been developed using MPS.

Here’s a number of other facts about Charisma:

  • It offers a lightweight AJAX-based user interface to make working with issues really fast.
  • It provides extensive keyboard support to make it easy to create, edit, and navigate between issues using keyboard shortcuts.
  • It brings an alternative to traditional issue filters — a compact search box for query-based issue search.
  • It supports commands to quickly execute batch operations upon selected queries.

You’re welcome to download Charisma EAP builds and try them out on your own server (see installation instructions for details).

Please let us know about any bugs that you may encounter in Charisma, and don’t hesitate to make feature requests — you can do both here.

Whether or not you download Charisma right now, you can read useful tips and watch Charisma demos on its Welcome page.

“Develop with pleasure!”

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