MPS 1.1 New Features Preview

Let’s take a closer look at some of the new features you can try with recently released MPS 1.1RC.

First of all, a debug information generator. When you generate a model, it produces a file which allows you to find nodes in generated code that correspond to a particular text position. So, we’re only few steps away from creating a full-fledged debugger (navigation from stacktrace is already working). If you bump in an exception, you can paste it to a tool window from which you can navigate to MPS code.

Another important new feature is support for Run Configurations. You can specify what to run and with which arguments. Even more, we have a DSL for writing them. MPS includes Run Configuration for base language main classes and unit tests, but you can of course, create your own.

Many projects use continuous integration. If you adopt continuous integration in your project and want to use MPS, you are going to need a server-side model generator. This RC brings you an Ant task for that, so you can try it with you CI solution (like TeamCity).

We also optimized performance and memory usage. This is especially noticeable on large root nodes in editor.

To try everything for yourself, get this RC build here:

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