Milestone 4 available

That was fast. It feels like yesterday when Milestone 3 with its fancy tabular editors, reorganized text generation and several other cool features was announced and yet today we get Milestone 4 sitting on the shelf ready for a test ride. Go and grab it while it’s hot. On top numerous bug-fixes, the release brings major internal refactorings and several useful new features.

  • Better stub organization
  • First shot of a contextual help
  • Completely new dialog to do merges safely and intuitively
  • Named tuples can now implement interfaces
  • Updated to the recent IntelliJ platform

For all the relevant details, please check out the What’s new page.

Develop with pleasure!
-JetBrains MPS Team

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2 Responses to Milestone 4 available

  1. kosiakk says:

    Thanks for the update!

    Just a minor thing – source code package contains lots of files, for example in MPScorebaseLanguageconstructorsclasses
    I guess, classes, source_gen and source_gen.caches directories should not be included in source package =)

  2. ashatalin says:


    We are storing source_gen folders in version control to prevent one from whole MPS source code regeneration on checkout. source_gen.caches are necessary to show generation status for corresponding MPS models. is mostly useless right now, but in future (the it will be possible to debug MPS code in MPS) these files will be used too. 😉

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