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Posted on by Vaclav Pech

You might have noticed that the MPS channel on JetBrains TV is getting quite busy with new videos. We’ve recently shot several instructional screen-casts to help beginners familiarize themselves with the tool. Markus Voelter shared his story on why and how they use MPS to build mbeddr – a C-based programming environment for embedded devices. Daniel Stieger with Berthold Agreiter shot a two part overview demonstration of their product. And there are a few more screen-casts to show up at JetBrains TV soon.

If this is the kind of content you’d like to watch fresh, I suggest you tuned the MPS channel right away. This way you won’t miss a beat.

Now, the most important message – the channel is open to all MPS fans to display their own stories, ideas and tips. Have you discovered a feature of MPS that you’d like to highlight for others? Do you build an MPS-based product? Have you created an inspiring DSL that people should know about? Please use JetBrains TV and add your voice to the choir.

Develop with pleasure!
-JetBrains MPS Team

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