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A book on DSL Engineering (and JetBrains MPS)

Here’s a tip – Markus Voelter ( has just published his new book, which is highly relevant to our field:

DSL EngineeringDSL Engineering
Designing, Implementing and Using Domain Specific Languages

The book provides a thorough read on the subject, introducing the reader into the core aspects of DSL design and implementation. It explains the fundamental principles of using DSLs as part of modern development cycle and showcases JetBrains MPS as one of the tools that aim to make DSL development approachable.

This book provides a thorough introduction to DSLs and lends inspiration to readers of where and how to use DSLs. It relies on today’s state-of-the-art language workbenches: JetBrains MPS, Xtext and Spoofax. Thus on top of gaining an insight into each of these tools individually you will get a direct side-by-side comparison of the tools, their capabilities and targets.

DSL Engineering is available in print and as a PDF (donationware) from

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