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JetBrains MPS 3.0 entering EAP today

This is exciting news for all the MPS fans out there. You can now get the EAP builds of MPS 3.0 and start playing with what we’ve build over the last year. It took a while, and we hope it was worth waiting for. Here’s a list of the most notable additions and improvements that you could benefit from right away:

  • Multiple editors per concept
  • Default editor for concept
  • Overriding editor components
  • BaseLanguage structure changes and editor usability improvements
  • Custom persistence API and XML persistence
  • New UI for model/module properties
  • Structure language changes
  • VersionControl support UI improvements

The IntelliJ IDEA plugin has also been improved:

  • Referencing Java sources from MPS models
  • Referencing MPS models from java sources
  • Handling Refactorings, finding usages and similar functionality across the Java/MPS boundary
  • Support for out-of-process make

This is obviously not a full list and we’ll gradually document and introduce all the new functionality that’s worth your attention.

Granted, there are rough edges that need fixing before going final. We’ll keep polishing the EAP builds and your feedback would help us. Please test the EAP builds and report all issues you discover.

Develop with pleasure!
-JetBrains MPS Team

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