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MPS 3.1 has been released

JetBrains MPS 3.1 with its newly added support for diagram editors has just been released. You can now download it and start using on your projects.

Diagram editors give your languages the capabilities to express ideas in a graphical way. Combined with the capability of multiple editors per concept this further widens the range of applicability of MPS-designed DSLs.


On top of diagramming, MPS 3.1 comes with a considerably enhanced generator. The generator performance has been improved significantly and it now also offers more options for configuration and tuning.

The MPS editor itself has been enhanced in several ways:

  • Style priorities give you more flexibility when defining and overriding styles
  • Custom style attributes give you an additional way to customize the configurability of editors
  • Automatic reference re-resolving helps you fix references that get broken during code manipulation
  • Fluent parentheses editing in BaseLanguage automatically matches left and right parentheses and rebalances the expression tree as you type

Check out a complete list of all the new capabilities, consults the documentationdownload MPS 3.1 and enjoy building your DSLs.


Develop with pleasure!
-JetBrains MPS Team

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