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MPS 3.3 EAP 2 made available

One month after the first MPS 3.3 EAP release we’re coming with an update. The fresh version MPS 3.3 EAP 2 gives you the chance to taste some more features of the upcoming MPS version:

  • TextGen now allows node attributes to override text generation rules for the attributed nodes. Generator can transparently pass node attributes through the generation process so as they can take effect in a later phase.
  • The way TextGen creates files for root nodes has changed to provide greater flexibility for extending concepts.
  • The mechanism for loading aspects has been unified for all language definition aspects.
  • Generic support for commenting out nodes has been implemented – MPS now provides a universal way to comment out nodes in models. Language designers do not have to implement their own mechanisms, but instead can customize the one provided by MPS.
  • Annotations can be used to override type-system inference rules for expressions/literals.

Descriptions of all the new features are gradually being added to the What’s new in MPS 3.3 page. Check it out for full details.

We hope you’ll experiment with the new possibilities and keep us informed about how you liked them.

Develop with pleasure!
-JetBrains MPS Team


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