JetBrains releasing MPS 3.3

The nine-month reign of MPS 3.2 has come to an end today – we’re proudly releasing MPS 3.3 with numerous new useful capabilities added and many old bugs fixed. As soon as you upgrade to MPS 3.3, you’ll start enjoying:

  • the ability to create custom aspects of language definition
  • fully generic customizable support for commenting out code in any language
  • various TextGen and Generator enhancements, such as handling attributes, controlling the layout of generated text files, anchors in weaving rules and updated cross-model generation
  • reflective editor that gives you direct access to the underlying model
  • numerous usability enhancements, such as Paste from history, Collapse by default or easy visual diff view for arbitrary two nodes
  • many type-system tweaks, such as Overriding the default type node and Overriding inference rules with annotations

The What’s new in MPS 3.3 page lists and details all the major additions in an way that’s explanatory as well as pleasurable for the eye, so please check it out.

May you enjoy using MPS 3.3 at least as much as we enjoyed building it for you!

The Drive to Develop
-JetBrains MPS Team

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