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MPS 3.4 EAP 3 has been released

Most of the new functionality aimed for MPS 3.4 has been completed. To celebrate this, we’ve packaged an MPS 3.4 EAP 3 release, which you can now download and test.

The major additions in EAP 3 include:

  • Improved handling of attributes during generation
  • Information about mapping labels in checkpoint models to help debug cross-model generation
  • Context assistant for language definition languages
  • Find usage for solutions and devkits
  • A new Substitute Menu Language to define node substitutions
  • The ability to define the new transformation actions for the completion menu
  • Generating simple icons from textual descriptions

Checkout the What’s new in MPS 3.4 page for more details on each of these goodies. Now is the best time to try them all out and tell us, how you like them.

The Drive to Develop
-JetBrains MPS Team

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