MPS 2017.1 EAP 2 is ready

We’re now one step closer to 2017.1. A second EAP release – MPS 2017.1 EAP2 – has been released. It further improves the features already contained in the EAP 1 release, so you can now test them in a more stable settings.

To recap the most important features:

  • Migrations updating local history
  • Migrations for the various conceptNode-related constructs in the smodel language
  • Highly refactored generator of the editor language to ease extension of the language
  • HTTP support plugin to simplify integration with build and continuous integration systems
  • Fully compiled languages

In addition to that, as has been advertised since the 3.4 release, the substitute and side transform actions from the actions aspect are no longer supported this EAP release and have been completely removed.

See the continuously evolving What’s new in MPS 2017.1 page for full details.

The Drive to Develop
-JetBrains MPS Team

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