Early Access Program 5 of MPS 2018.3

The new version is really shaping up with every EAP. For this new version, we have made some improvements and fixed a critical failing test bug.

Download MPS 2018.3 EAP

These are the new improvements for this EAP:

  • Integration of CodeStyleFacadeImpl. (MPS-28657)
  • We have solved a critical bug that was failing type system tests. (MPS-28717)
  • Dialog error in the IDEA plugin. (MPS-28604)
  • Improvements for presenting errors in the Node Explorer. (MPS-25668)
  • Better wording for the action “Paste as Java Statements”. (MPS-25970)

Find the complete list of all the bugs fixed here and keep reporting issues on our tracker.

Have a nice day!

Your JetBrains MPS Team

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