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The second release candidate of MPS 2018.3 is ready.

This release candidate eliminates a few bugs that were annoying. Here are some of them:

  • IntelliJ IDEA plugin exception is fixed. (MPS-28733)
  • The error in the theSimplestLanguage sample is gone. (MPS-28928)
  • The “Search Everywhere” popup now works as it should. (MPS-28932)
  • No more exception of VCS when you don’t have Pull requests. (MPS-28918)
  • The problem with the migration data ignored is solved. (MPS-28918)
  • More User-friendly wizard & scripts for RCP. (MPS-27580)
  • Annoying bug in concept declaration is fixed. (MPS-28827)

Download MPS 2018.3 RC2

Keep reporting things to our issue tracker (thanks!) and see the complete list of fixed bugs here.
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