First Early Access Program of 2019.2

We have been working hard to bring you more exciting features and solve painful bugs. This release comes with a whole load of new improvements. Here are the main ones:

  • Full-text search in property values is ready. Edit–>Find–>Find Text in Project action (Ctrl-Shift-F) lets you look up nodes with property values matching the specified text. (MPS-4577)
  • Make processes in Backgrounds work properly. We have been working to improve UI responsiveness during the background make. If you want it to restore the previous version, there’s a new UI setting to control all this, Preferences–>Project Settings–>Perform in background. (MPS-13440)

  • BaseLanguage improvements were one of the main goals for this release. We fixed more than 10 issues related to BaseLanguages from bugs all the way to usability problems.
  • We have spellcheck for single-line comments, Javadoc text, and string literals. (MPS-8630)
  • Based on feedback from the community, we have added a new sample project for XML generation. (MPS-30110)




Apart from all of that, we have solved a bunch of issues, you can see the complete list here. Let us know if you find any other problems on our issue tracker.


Have a nice day!

Your JetBrains MPS Team

The Drive to Develop
MPS 2018.1

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