MPS 2021.3.3 Has Been Released

It’s never too late to improve old software!

We’ve just backported two useful features from the latest MPS version all the way back to version 2021.3.3, which has just been released.

MPS 2021.3.3 adopts one improvement that enhances the functionality of the overrides flag in the type system inference rules and makes them more powerful. Traditionally, the flag indicated that a particular rule overrides the rules defined for the super-concepts.
More recently, the flag’s functionality has been enhanced to also allow the rules defined in extending languages to override the rules defined for the same concept in the extended language.
This gives you an additional way to alter the behavior of the languages you are extending.

A second backported feature is the new Disable Make On Startup option, available in Settings -> Project Settings -> Make. When this feature is enabled, MPS will not perform a make of all the project’s modules when starting up. This may come in handy to speed up MPS startup in situations when the initial make takes too long and/or is likely to fail since manual configuration is necessary before the project can be successfully made.

See a full list of fixed issues here.


Your JetBrains MPS team

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