MPS 2017.2.1 is now out!

Get ready for our new version of MPS 2017.2.1. We have fixed some bugs and improved the usability of the tool. Thanks for reporting any errors you found, please continue to help us by reporting them in our issue tracker.

This an ambitious first step toward our MPS 2017.3 goal, so relax and enjoy the ride.

The Drive to Develop

-JetBrains MPS Team

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The last bug fix update for 2017.1 is here

We are committed to creating a better product every day, and today we are happy to announce our last bug fix update for MPS 2017.1.3.

Check out the most important bug fixes for this version here, and keep reporting bugs in our issue tracker.

Your JetBrains MPS Team

The Drive to Develop

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Tracing your code in MPS

This is one recent feature that perhaps deserves some more popularization – jetbrains.mps.baselanguage.logging has been enhanced with two logging statements, which replace the now deprecated logging statements like errorwarninfo and others:

  • message outputs a logging message into the MPS Messages view and so provides a very convenient instant way to trace your code. If multiple projects are open in MPS, an optional project parameter can be used to target the Messages view of a particular project.
  • log forwards a logging messages to the log4j library using the configuration in $MPS_HOME/bin/log.xml and so it will by default appear in the system log.

Both statements need the severity specified and an optional exception parameter can be also provided.


Read full documentation on logging in the User Guide.

The Drive to Develop
-JetBrains MPS Team

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MPS 2017.2 is released!

Winter MPS 2017.2 is coming! MPS wouldn’t be anything without their users, that’s why in this version we focussed on improving the user experience. The main improvements and features in this release are:

  • Redesigned and better migration assistance.
  • Shiftless code-completion is here!
  • A new way to investigate applicable transformation and substitute actions.
  • Better user experience when deleting, with the two step deletion.

Check out the rest in What’s new in MPS 2017.2. Try it and let us know all your comments.

The Drive to Develop

-JetBrains MPS Team


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MPS 2017.2 RC2 is here!

The second Release Candidate is here. Every day this version looks better and better, and now with the launching of RC2, we are getting closer to the MPS 2017.2 final release.

Report any bugs in our Issue Tracker and check the What’s new page.

The Drive to Develop
-JetBrains MPS Team


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MPS 2017.2 first release candidate is out

MPS 2017.2 is approaching, and we have the first release candidate. We are preparing the product to be stable, so check it out and report any problem that you see in our Issue tracker. You can download it here and take a look at the What’s new page to see all the new features.

Have an excellent weekend!

The Drive to Develop
-JetBrains MPS Team

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MPS 2017.2 Public Preview is ready!

Last features, but not least, of the MPS 2017.2!

The MPS 2017.2 PPV brings new things to the table. Now you can execute editor tests within MPS plugin for IntelliJ IDEA, language migrations are now supported in IntelliJ IDEA plugin, and two step deletion is here to improve the experience of writing code.

For more details go to What’s new in MPS 2017.2 and the check the bugs fixed.

Let us know what do you think!

The Drive to Develop
-JetBrains MPS Team



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Try the MPS 2017.2 EAP 3

MPS 2017.2 EAP3 is ready!

Sweet functions came in this EAP. Now you can specify matching text and in-editor textual presentation for references directly in the editor aspect. Your time is valuable, so type less and code more with our shiftless code completion.

We know that sometimes it is hard to track the action in the completion and context assistance, that’s why we implement a new way to visualize the trace in the project tool.

To see the complete list of new features go to What’s new in MPS 2017.2Bugs fixed.

If you have any question send us an email.

The Drive to Develop
-JetBrains MPS Team


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MPS 2017.1.2 released

The bug fix release version is out. Download the new version of MPS, stronger and better.

The Drive to Develop
-JetBrains MPS Team

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Plugin spotlight: Generate Python or Ruby with MPS-plaintextgen

The guys of DSLFoundry have brought my attention to the MPS-plaintextgen plugin recently. The plugin offers a language that models textual documents as collections of lines and words, supports layouts, alignment and indentation, and in addition to that, it comes with decent editing experience built in.

The binaries of the plugin can be obtained from the JetBrains plugin repository.

The language is primarily meant to be used in generators to ease transformation of complex models into text. Unlike with the TextGen aspect in MPS, the plaintextgen language allows you to leverage the model-to-model capabilities of the MPS Generator and enjoy the comfort of the projectional editor when defining the transformations. You simply model the output document and parametrize it with values from the input model.

This can be useful in several interesting ways:

  • generate textual documents from your models without the need for TextGen
  • quickly mock the generator for your prototype languages during development
  • generate code of limited complexity in general-purpose languages, for which MPS does not have support

As a proof-of-concept, I’ve created a sample project that uses the MPS plaintextgen language to generate Python and Ruby as well as plain text. You can check out the MultiLangEntities project on GitHub.



The Drive to Develop
-JetBrains MPS Team

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