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AppCode 2020.1 Is Here with Faster Code Assistance for Pure Swift and Mixed Projects, Completion During Indexing, Documentation Comments Generation, Type Hierarchy View for Swift, and More!

Please give a warm welcome to our first update this year – AppCode 2020.1! Download AppCode 2020.1

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AppCode Starts 2020.1 EAP: Type Hierarchy in Swift, Documentation Comments Generation, New Code Assistance Actions, and More!

Today we are starting the Early Access Program for AppCode 2020.1, and the first build is already available to download from our site.

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Context-sensitive analysis with AppCode 3: Never miss a value again!

One of the most notable features of AppCode is code analysis, which helps keep your code accurate and clean. The flexible mechanism of resolving problems works on the fly and allows you to easily improve code structure, detect unreachable and … Continue reading

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AppCode inspections for your code perfection

AppCode helps you keep your code accurate and clean and does so as you type so you don’t need to interrupt your coding process. This is what the inspection mechanism is about. If you’re not familiar with this mechanism, you … Continue reading

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