Early Access Program WebStorm

Web IDE EAP (build 701)

In this build we (albeit necessary bugfixing) did some performance optimization – and we eager to hear back from you on how we are going. There also some nice features added – improved PHPDOC generation, global variable usages navigation, and improved resolution of class members. Details below.
  • resolve members based on name only WI-393/WI-297
  • find usages/navigate to declaration for global variables WI-305/WI-492
  • PHPDOC completion will include @param & @return types deduced, also proper @access, @static & @throws are inserted. WI-470, WI-387, WI-471
  • quickfix (Alt-Enter) for to define undefined variable type via @var PHPDOC declaration WI-478
  • autocompletion after new keyword WI-417
  • namespaces in structure view WI-226 (note: known issue with multiple namespace XXX; declarations in file parsed as nested WI-497)
  • code completion performance WI-475
  • freezes due to infinite loops in type deduction code WI-487
  • completion of supertype members WI-439
  • auto insertion of second single quote WI-352
  • removed improper markers from private methods WI-434
  • other completion fixes WI-446, WI-453, WI-392
  • some PHP syntax colors resetting to WI-240
  • PHPUnit incomplete were shown as passed WI-398
  • PHPUnit misc formatting fixes WI-396, WI-394, etc

Known issues

  • Multiline strings: good code is red WI-494
  • multiple namespace XXX; declarations in file parsed as nested WI-497
  • inplace rename trims $ from var name WI-500
  • Complete change-list in issue tracker.
    Download Web IDE EAP build 701 for your platform from project EAP page.

    -JetBrains Web IDE Team

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